ÏD Group drives Okaïdi in Spain. The French group, one of the largest in the world in the field of children’s fashion, is looking for opportunities to gain another chain industry to accelerate development of the banner in the Spanish market.


In parallel, the company is looking to launch six new stores in the country this year, as explained Eduardo Uson Berni, CEO of Okaïdi in Spain.

The French giant landed in Spain in 2002 with a franchise in the Canary Islands. A year later, the company began developing its own stores with the opening of its first store in Girona. The group continued its expansion in the country with both models, but in December 2010, decided to take control of their franchises and bet only by opening directly managed stores.

“Spain is a very important country for the sector because, although not have a very high birth rate compared with other European countries, does have a very important child population,” said Berni. “It is true that there is a glut in the market because many specialists coexist with large distribution groups have also begun to operate in the sector,” added the manager. “We do have distanced himself from this price war; we believe we have a very attractive market for quality and price we offer, “says Berni.

Now, the group wants to continue its expansion in the country, and is already preparing the launch of six new own stores this year. “Almost half of the stores we operate right now are in Catalonia, so the priority now is the center of the country and the north,” says the head of the teaching.

To further advance the development of the peninsula, the group has not ruled out resuming expansion through franchises, and even contemplates done with a regional chain, preferably also operating in the sector. The company is seeking operators “fit us in terms of size, with stores of about 150 square meters,” says Berni. In recent months, the group established discussions with several operators, with a size ranging between ten and fifty stores.

The French group expects six openings this year, and do not rule out smaller chains to boost growth

ÏD Kids retakes thus expansion in the Spanish market, after carrying out an investment of 800,000 euros in the last three months to renew their commercial park. Later this year, all stores in the country have been extended or renewed. The company bill on the peninsula about 24 million euros, and expects to increase its business 8% LFL in 2016. In Spain, the group operates with a small structure, consisting of a human resources manager, three regional directors, a coordinator and Berni own. Along with the shops, the ID template Kids on the peninsula is 250 people.

Recovered from moda.es