MOA is undoubtedly more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle!
MOA is the only French accessory brand that proposes to all women the latest fashion trends at attractive prices.
Because of its success, MOA is not only present in France, but also in Spain, Iceland, Armenia , Romania, Panama, Curacao, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Israel.
MOA is for modern, dynamic, stylish, fresh and glamor girls. Because fashion is our universe and we want to share with you.
MOA proposes four collections per year of different persuasions and varieties. Your satisfaction is our priority.
MOA has a unusual touch, a close brand, definitely fashion accessories, simply essential!


MOA provides sun glasses, necklaces, scarfs, earrings, hats, watches, hair accessories and belts among others products.

A joint venture with some groups specializing in fashion led to set a creative team that brings a wider design expertise of our collections. Today, each product manager is in charge of his or her own family of products, working closely with designers who travel the world on a constant quest for new trends, merchandisers who prepare the ambiance of the boutiques, and the style director who coordinates the coherence of the whole collection.

Our collections are designed so each woman can find the essential accessories she needs, the ones that fit perfectly with her genuinely pretty yet laid back nature and personality.


MOA operates in international markets in the fashion accessorize sector since 2002, and it aims at expanding its business network.

With the support of its shareholders, MOA has been able to refocus its attention on its original retailing business. this has led to an important collection revision, and a new concept store that suits our customers. As of today, MOA has successfully combined all the key ingredients needed to launch a massive domestic and international expansion plan.

Our development strategy is to acquire shops in the best locations, primarily in city centers and shopping malls. Our ideal store area is 65 sqm.

MOA is present in 15 countries with more than 225 stores, own stores, franchise units and shop in shops in shopping centers. During the current year, the French firm will be opening new 40 stores especially in international markets, new markets in South America and it will consolidate its presence in France.