From humble beginnings in Amsterdam to a global omnichannel brand, Hunkemöller now has more than 3500 colleagues selling lingerie and related products in 16 countries. In recognition of our quality products and exceptional customer service, Hunkemöller won the best lingerie store award seven times in The Netherlands and five times in Belgium and Luxembourg. From 2010 to 2013 we received the same award in Germany, and in 2013 in Austria for the first time.

We are the market leader in The Netherlands with a 15% share, and in Belgium with a 10% share, and brand awareness of 95% and 86% respectively. In Germany, we are the largest lingerie chain and, in the areas in which we operate, have 75% brand awareness.

Our in-house team designs around 85% of our products, which results in high net margins and provides the funds to invest in our stores and people. Far East sourcing provides up to 90% of our products, ensuring we remain competitive. As the remaining 10% are sourced from nearer to home, we can always respond quickly to new trends.

Our logistics operation is an optimum combination of outsourced and in-house services, while our IT platform has benefited from sound investment at key points throughout the development of our business.

Hunkemöller is evolving from being a successful high street retailer to a global brand. We look forward to working with people and partners who can share in our success.



With around 600 stores in 16 countries by the beginning of 2014, Hunkemöller is a truly global brand and the fastest-growing lingerie brand in Europe.

We operate a combination of own-operated stores, shop-in-shops and franchise units. As part of our strategy to develop as a recognized global brand, we recently introduced two new store concepts in high-traffic, big-city locations:

• A large flagship store with 500m2 of retail space on Antwerp’s premier mainstream shopping street (Belgium).

• The Hunkemöller sexy store, an 80m2 boutique in Amsterdam, which highlights some of our sexiest merchandise in a street renowned for its new-concept stores.



As a strong business, Hunkemöller has a clear strategy to grow its store portfolio rapidly across Europe, through its existing markets and in new markets.

We’re cautious about the economic outlook, but our proven track record of international expansion gives us the confidence to commit to new locations that meet our needs.

For the next two to three years, our biggest focus is on Germany, Austria and Sweden. Expansion into Scandinavia and Asian markets is part of the next phase of our international expansion. We aim to expand our brand via shop-in-shops in departments stores such as V&D and Karstadt, and are looking for partnerships in all the countries in which we currently retail.

We’re interested in the high footfall of prime high street and mall locations, because of our accessible price structure. As well as full-price stores we also aim to expand further in airports, railway stations and designer outlet centres in our strongest markets.

Currently, Hunkemoller is opening stores in Altaplaza Mall and Multiplaza Mall.



Hunkemöller is the No. 1 lingerie specialist in Europe. Our complete product range caters to every intimate apparel need from bras and briefs, nightwear and slippers, through swimwear and beach co-ordinates, to hosiery and beauty. We truly are a lingerie destination brand.

We focus on offering our customers the fashionable products they want. Our current collections are made up of around 75% fashion products and 25% core product. Across all of our markets, all products are available in a range of sizes to suit every customer.

We also offer a balance of good, better and best pricing across all product categories, ensuring that everyone can afford beautiful lingerie at Hunkemöller.

We believe in continuous product development. Our designers and technical team work closely with our suppliers to deliver exciting fabrics and innovative designs to the market, always keeping us one step ahead of our competitors.