2000 set a year of commercial growth for the brand, expanding its stores to include locations in South America. As of today, we sell our products in Central America, Bolivia, Uruguay, Barbados, Chile, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Ecuador, and in our own shops in Venezuela and Curaçao.

Our largest market is in Venezuela, the best location to implant new concept stores which we have developed in the last 6 years to better suit market fashion shifts and demands. 

Estivaneli gets to satisfy a wide range of male fashion profiles and embrace fashion and commodity in one brand. An “Estivaneli man” bases his preferences on his values and aspirations. He never purchases by default. Instead, he looks forward to the positive impact of his appearance and the style he projects: He knows what he wants and takes a step forward. With these feelings, he defines himself: “I am not who I am but who I want to be. Original and fashionable, always facing new challenges and goals.”

The Estivaneli brand requires different categories to establish a discipline and coherence in all its diversity of products: the “Gentleman,” a modest and smart man; the “Urban Casual,”the dynamic and practical man; and the “Summer style,” who enjoys being with friends. The brand also offers children’s clothing, for those seeking the most creative fashion, as well as a Women’s collection.



Our main concept is making the client feel a unique experience in a store inspired in a loft in Soho. An eclectic space with a strong personality on the materials and textures applied in the store and furniture.

We aim at an aesthetic with personality, an industrial image with a touch of exclusivity. We are focused on the male client and we propose a zoning according to the product and the client’s profile. Zoning is determined by the furniture textures and the atrezzo design.

Zoning proposal is based on the flow of people, their style and age of clients. We distinguish zones by areas: Urban, Summer, Gentleman, The shirt area, Denim station and kids/woman.


The Gentleman is a smart, masculine, formal and modern man that tries to be unnoticed but left nobody indifferent, as elegance is synonym of discretion. For this reason, the Gentleman never wears flashy and awkward outfits. Among his favorite clothes, you can find suits, smart pants, ties, blazers and moccasins. Concerning colours, neutral ones are
the most suitable for him.

The Urban Casual guy features an actual and urban style but keeps a characteristic cultural touch. He feels like fish in water in the city: it is his natural environment. It makes him be practical and dynamic, acting naturally in the urban environment. His basics are casual t-shirts, blazers, casual pants, short sleeves t-shirts but not with a too much lighthearted aspect. He likes warm colours and natural materials as well as patterns and textures.

The young man of Estivaneli “Summer style” offers a lighthearted style and dares wearing in colours and textures. This guy loves the beach, places in harmony with the water, the ground and the nature, but over 20 degrees of tropical weather, he will wear in t-shirts and lively and colourful shorts, a perfect outfit to have a beer by the sea and being the coolest host of a barbecue in the open air.

The Children’s look suits the man features determined by Estivaneli. The kid is naïve, funny with an adventurous spirit. Children that likes living with nature and trees, so that their favorite outfit will fit in the heat of the beach, in a camping in the forest and during a family walk in the home town.

Estivaneli always looks forward and it will launch a Women collection for them. Estivaneli women has some of all man profiles. She is an elegant, feminine and very practical, a woman that enjoys fashion and
colours. She loves having fun with her friends and family and going shopping in Estivaneli for her, her partner, father and son.