Skytex is strongly developed in Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Curaçao, Aruba and Dominican Republic. Thanks to our modern offices and storage logistics more than 10,000 square meters in the Colon free zone of Panama, we are able to manage and control shipments and deliveries throughout the region.



The most cosmopolitan capital in Central America, Panama City is both vibrant metropolis and gateway to tropical escapes. Many worlds coexist here. GDP: 11.036.81 USD Population: 3.864.170


It owns excellent air and maritime services that allow a connection with the main maritime and air lines of the world. GDP: 5.826.13 USD Population: 3.263.053


Its gains in terms of security, economical and social development, exportation and tourism make the country an undeniable reference. GDP: 7.825.68 USD Population: 47.425.437


Offer new business opportunities to differentiate itself from other Caribbean areas: tax incentives, excellent infrastructure, international orientation of the economy and an stable currency. GDP: 20.500.00 USD Population: 155.000


Infrastructure, natural resources, manpower and commercial agreement enhance the solid market of business in Venezuela. GDP: 14.414.75 USD Population: 30.405.207


With a well-educated workforce, Aruba has been for a long time the example to follow in the Caribbean, for its social stability and economic progress. GDP: 25.354.78 USD Population: 103.000